Arranged Marriage Advantages and Disadvantages List

Arranged marriages have been around for thousands of years, and were practiced all around the world at some point. They are when parents predetermine who their child will marry. These two people often have comparable backgrounds both socially and culturally. This tradition is still commonly practiced in India, South Asia, and other parts of the world. Recently it has begun to raise controversy. People are beginning to ask questions about the reasoning and motives behind these arranged marriages.

Pros Of Arranged Marriages

1. The “One”
People who are placed in an arranged marriage do not have to worry about the dating world, or waiting for the “one”. This takes a lot of stress and anxiety out of life.

2. Parental Discretion
Your parents are the ones who choose who you are to marry, so you do not have to worry about them liking your spouse. The same goes for having to worry about your in-laws approving of you.

3. Same Values
Your parents will choose your spouse extremely carefully. They will make sure it is someone who matches your own beliefs and values to ensure compatibility.

4. Close To Your Roots
Participating in an arranged marriage can make you feel much closer to your family, and your culture. Arranged marriages are highly traditional and renowned.

5. Love Grows
While you may not say your I Do’s completely love struck, that doesn’t mean the you are doomed to a loveless marriage. Love takes time, but will (hopefully) bloom.

6. Children
With two parents of the exact same background, religion, and culture your children will grow up immersed in theirs. You do not have to worry about conflicting views on things like that because they where discussed ahead of time.

Cons Of Arranged Marriages

1. Wedding Blues
You may feel like your wedding is not your own. You do not know the person you are marrying nor their family. It is completely done by the families, the bride and groom have very little say in their wedding ceremony.

2. Dating Deprived
Dating is taken out of the equation when you have an arranged marriage. You do not get the opportunity to figure out what you do and do not like in a partner.

3. Placing Blame
If any marital problems arise between the couple then the parents are often the first the be blamed. Especially if the marriage results in a divorce, the family is humiliated because it is perceived as their fault.

4. Family Ties
It is inevitable that you family will be very highly involved in your life. This includes your married life. This can cause problems between the married couple.

5. Waiting For Love
Love takes a long time to develop. When two people are thrown into a marriage that isn’t based on the foundation of love, it may take quite some time for these feeling to develop. This can lead to depression, misery, and divorce.

6. No Diversity
Arranged marriages focus on keeping tradition and culture alive. This sadly means that they do not stray from their cultural background.

7. Identity Loss
People may find themselves changing what they like or who they are in order to fit into their spouses or family’s ideals. This can be very damaging.

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Important Facts About Arranged Marriages

  • Arranged marriages are considered a social and economic necessity. They are done to join families power and wealth.
  • They are also called pragmatic marriage.
  • They are currently accepted practices in Iraq, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan, and some other Islam countries.
  • The global rate of divorce among arranged marriages is only 4 percent.
  • 48 percent of girls in South Asia were forced to marry before the age of 18.
  • 90 percent of all marriages in India are arranged.
  • Entire families are involved in choosing a mate for the bride/groom. Including aunts, uncles, 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd cousins!
  • 60 percent of all of the marriages in the world are arranged.

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