Advantages And Disadvantages of Theocracy

A theocracy is a government that is a god or deity is considered the supreme ruler. In other words, they are religion over all. These types of societies have existed for as long as we can tell, and are still around today in some parts of the world. In order to make a decision on whether theocracy is a good or bad thing, you must first understand what all it entails.

Advantages Of Theocracy

1. Just Checks, No Balances
New bills and laws are passed very easily in a theocratic government. This is because there are not separate branches answering to each other.

2. Unity And Patriotism
Due to the widespread common belief systems, theocracies tend to have a very high level of patriotism among it’s citizens. This also translates into extreme unity.

3. Very Well Organized
Church and State have no other choice but to work together in a theocratic government. This makes it highly organized and well put together. Things can get accomplished much quicker.

4. The Fun Of Funding
The nations funds are distributed much fast and easier. This has to do, again, with the fact that the church and the state are no separated.

5. Control Is Key
Using religious fear and persecution, theocratic governments can easily gain control of the people in their country. This level of control means that productivity can be greatly increased.

Disadvantages Of Theocracy

1. All For One And One For Nobody?
One of the largest flaws in theocracy is that the leaders of the nation use the fear of God to impose laws and programs that directly benefit them.

2. No Room For Change
In order for nation’s to develop and improve, they must recognize when change is necessary. Theocratic governments cannot do this because they believe that whatever religious doctrine they follow, is the only truth and law.

3. God’s Name In Vain
Theocracy’s more often then not, use the support or fear of a God in order to support certain agendas. These things may burden or harm the country, but because their God wants it, it must happen.

4. Cruel and Unusual
The punishments that are implemented in a theocracy are often very old style, inhumane, and cruel towards citizens. Especially ones who denounce whatever God the country recognizes.

5. No Freedom
In theocratic governments, censorship is highly prevalent. Media is filtered, free speech is limited, and anything that speaks ill of the government is not prohibited.

6. Radical, Dude
Countries that are led by religion can swing into a radical state very quickly. This causes global damage as well as damage within the fanatical country.

7. Education Problems
The divine doctrines and books that are followed are taught as the only truth. This effects the educational system in a big way, many subjects and topics are excluded from the youth’s education.

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Important Facts About Theocracy

  • Theocracy is a Greek word that means “the rule of God”.
  • Flavius Josephus was the first man to come up with the concept of theocracy in 50 C.E. He was a Jewish historian.
  • Theocracy is one of the oldest forms of government and has been around quite some time. Ancient Egypt, the Aztecs, and The Roman Empire were all theocratic governments.
  • Theocracies where most commonly practiced by the Jewish people.
  • In today’s world the majority of theocratic governments are Islamic states.
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