33 Great Bridal Shower Wishes and Messages

Bridal showers provide a great opportunity for friends and family to gather together and celebrate the upcoming wedding celebration of the bride. The perfect pow-wow with the girls, bridal showers are only made even funner with good games and entertainment. Here are some great bridal shower wishes and messages that will inspire you.

“A solid, happy and long-lasting marriage is make up of friendship, love, understanding and all the sweetness that life has to offer.”

“A sunny day begins with a shower…wishing you great happiness for every day of your union as husband and wife.”

“After all these years living together, it was obvious that the time, to see you bride, would come very soon! May you live more times like this together!”

“Although it’s been a long road, both of you have worked hard to get here. May your wedding day be a joyous one.”

“Come on girl, it’s your bridal shower party! Dance, laugh and go crazy!”

“Congratulations on finding your perfect mate! We wish you a future filled with love and happiness.”

“Dance alone today as it is your last time! All the rest dancing times, you will have a partner guiding you! Enjoy a life full of happiness!”

“Even though you can’t wait to get to the wedding night, how about enjoying your special day first? Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.”

“I’m jealous of you! I want my time to be a bride, will come soon! Congratulations and may you both always smile!”

“If long lasting love was worth money, then you both would be rich! Wishing the two of you a long and happy marriage.”

“Ingredients for a happy marriage: Heaps of Love, large spoonful of compassion and understanding, a cupful of humor and a pinch of romance.”

“Keep your wedding cup filled to the brim with Love and you will always be happy.”

“Life is full of surprises, and the biggest surprise is that you waited this long to get married! Best wishes on your special day.”

“Love is priceless, and many take it for granted. You two have a love that will last for a long time, congratulations.”

“Loving each other may be difficult, but just picture your life without the other person, and that’s even more difficult. Best wishes on your wedding.”

“Loving someone is never easy, but if you love your spouse as much as you love yourself, then your marriage will last a long time.”

“Marriage is not necessary how compatible you are with each other, but how you complement each other strengths.”

“May your Love grow from a tiny acorn of passion into a solid tree with strong roots to weather any storm.”

“Maybe you two didn’t think you’d make it this far, but everyone else could see it from the beginning. You two make the perfect couple.”

“Never take for granted what life has to offer, including the person you truly love. Wishing both of you the best on your wedding day.”

“Read more: http:/Marriage is not necessary how compatible you are with each other, but how you complement each other strengths.”

“Since your wedding day is almost here, I’d like to propose a toast to the bride and groom, and wish the both of you all the best. Congratulations.”

“The beautiful things of this world cannot be touched, heard or seen, they need to felt from the inside, through the heart.”

“The best marriages follow the rule that if you are wrong, admit it and when you are right, hush up!”

“The gifts I brought you for this bridal shower, cannot describe how happy I am! May your married life be as happy as you have never thought it would be!”

“The key to a successful union to falling in love over and over again – with the same person.”

“There is nothing more beautiful than a marriage filled with Love and Joy to carry you through the years.”

“Weddings can be a pain, but the marriage is worth all the effort. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.”

“When you foresaw your wedding in the future, you never thought that you’d be this happy. Wishing you both many more happy days. Congratulations.”

“Wishing the two of you the best that life has to offer, and hoping your big day will be the first of many to come.”

“Wishing you and your new spouse the best on your upcoming day, and here’s hoping for a lot of grandchildren for your parents!”

“You’re not married yet, but pretend you are, so you’ll be less surprised when they leave dirty socks on the floor! Congratulations on the wedding.”

“Your wedding day is the first day of the rest of your lives. Here’s hoping the two of you will be in love forever.”

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