3 Hilarious Bob Uecker Miller Lite Commercials

Front Row

In this comical television advertisement for Miller Lite beer, featuring Bob Uecker, Uecker starts off by telling you how great it is to be an former baseball player. The funny part of the commercial is the fact that no body seems to care as much as he thinks they do or even know who he is. He then grabs a Miller Lite and sits down to talk about the beer before being told he is in the wrong seat, which he believes should be the front row, and moved to the nosebleed section of the stadium.

The Case of the Missing Case

The Case of the Missing Case is a Miller Lite commercial from 1986 featuring Bob Uecker, Rodney Dangerfield, Mickey Rooney and many others. The ad begins in a fancy mansion party when the power suddenly goes out, after the light is restored the party goers realize the catastrophe that has taken place, someone stole a case of Miller Lite. They immediately begin to blame Rodney Dangerfield, until he proclaims that he isn’t even Rodney! He grabs his face and pulls it off revealing it was Bob Uecker in a Dangerfield mask. The real culprits are shown at the end of the commercial to be Mickey Rooney, until he too pulls his mask off to reveal that he is Rodney Dangerfield!

The World’s Funniest Coach

Uecker’s iconic cackle is definitely the star of this Miller Lite commercial from 1987. He walks into the bar carrying some Miller Lite for him and Yann Tiriac and sits down. He proclaims that Tiriac is the world’s funniest coach and begins to laugh loudly. All the while Tiriac is sitting with the most miserable look on his face. Bob then begins to bring up a past joke and continues to make himself laugh, hysterically. The coach’s face just seems to get more miserable as the commercial continues.

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