24 Great Congratulations on Your Pregnancy Messages

24 Great Congratulations on Your Pregnancy Messages

Expecting a baby is a big adjustment for many parents. Showing the couple your support and congratulations is just one way to send warm wishes to the parents to be. Here are some great congratulations on your pregnancy messages that offer encouragement and happiness for the mother and father.

A little birdie told me that you’re expecting. May your days be filled with love and contentment.

Another life starts from within you. Congratulations. You are blessed with a gift that you will cherish for a lifetime. I look forward to meeting your baby when the time comes.

Best wishes to the Mother-To-be. Congratulations on your baby. Take care of the new life inside your tummy.

Congratulations as you expect your bundle of joy. The excitement starts and it’s going to get better each day. Life is full of blessings, indeed.

Congratulations because on the next nine months, you are going to be a real mom. Enjoy your pregnancy my dear since that is one of the most wonderful journey of a woman.

Congratulations on expecting. Enjoy the excitement and joy of anticipating your new little one.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Lucky baby. You’re going to be amazing mother.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. May this special time be filled with health and lots of love.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. That’s good to hear. I believe that you are going to be an amazing mother to your little one. Just enjoy the journey.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Your life will never be the same again. Get ready for the most exciting journey of your life – motherhood.

Congratulations. Enjoy your pregnancy. It is that precious span of time when we women can be doubly proud of our big figure. You are carrying a miracle.

Family is everything and yours is growing. Congrats on the momentous occasion.

How sweet it is to be lovingly gazed upon by a precious tiny baby in your arms. In the coming months you will be called “mommy.” Congratulations.

I’m so happy for you. Wishing you love and joy, peace and wisdom, beauty and happiness.

My heart is filled with joy for you. Congratulations and best wishes.

So excited to hear your news. Wishing all the joy of anticipation to a very special Mother-to-be.

So excited to hear your wonderful news. Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Stay strong and think positive. God has answered your prayers for a new baby. He will see you through. Congratulations, mother to be.

We are all so excited upon hearing the great news about your pregnancy. Congratulations. We know that’s going to be a super cute baby. May your pregnancy be filled with love and joy.

Welcome to an amazing new chapter of your life; becoming a Mother.

Your family is ever growing, just like your baby bump. Congrats on being a Mom again.

Your family is growing as quick as your belly is. Congrats on your new bundle of joy.

Your life is a journey and an adventure. Soon there will be another precious life joining this exciting journey with you. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Your radiant with the glow of an expectant mother. Congrats.

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