22 Best Coed Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

In modern times, baby showers have slowly changed to include the participation of both genders. No longer are husbands skipping the girly theme of baby showers. To bring this event into the 21st century, here is a look at some of the best coed baby shower invitation wording ideas that will encourage you.

A brand new baby is on the way, so let’s celebrate with a special day!

A little baby boy As quiet as a mouse Will soon be living In the [last name] house! So before we meet this baby boy Let’s shower him with books, clothes and toys.

Bottles and bibs, diapers and more! That’s what Baby Showers are for!

Bottles and booties and bibs and more, let’s shower the baby with gifts galore!

First came love, then came marriage. Now look who’s pushing the baby carriage!

Heard the forecast? A baby is predicted but first there will be a shower! Please join us at a Baby Shower.

Help shower mommy with gifts as we prepare for you know who! We’re happy to say there’s a baby on the way! There’s a new tot joining our lot. The stork is flying our way! Twinkle, Twinkle! It’s time for a Sprinkle.

Hide and Seek behind a leaf… Someone wants to tickle two little feet… Or play frog with a little one who will want to leap!

It’s time to celebrate! We’re having a boy! Another boy is joining our crew! Help us celebrate! Let’s shower mommy-to-be with all things blue.

Please join us in sharing our joy as we prepare for a little boy. Please wear blue for you know who!

Join us as we celebrate the birth of our new child! New baby in the works. Come visit the construction site! Heard the news? There’s a new kid on the block! Come one, come all! We’re expecting in the fall! It takes a village. Join us in celebrating the new parents!

Like a sudden rain on a garden of flowers, we want to shower our mommy-to-be with expressions of love and good wishes at a Baby Shower.

She looks great, She can’t wait Now it’s time to celebrate!

Someone Special. Someone Dear. Someone New. To Love Is Here.

Someone tiny and so sweet, will soon be here for you to meet!

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what our girl is made of. Little bows, pink toys, little toys, lifetime of joys. Thank the Heavens! We’re FINALLY having a girl. Tickle us pink! There’s a new mommy to be! Help us welcome into this world our newest baby girl.

Ten little fingers and ten little toes two little ears and one little nose!

The Lord has blessed us with a new child. Please help us celebrate this joyous occasion. God made all above, and a sweet baby girl to love. Thank the Heavens! We’re finally having a boy. Help us give thanks to the Lord for our new blessing on the way.

The ruffles, the bows, the skirts that twirl. The [name] are having a baby girl!

There’s a brand-new baby on the way… let’s celebrate with a special day!

Twinkling stars in the heaven above are smiling down on baby with love!

We’re tickled pink for the mom-to-be!

Will it be Snips n’ Snails And Puppy Dog Tails Or Sugar n’ Spice And Everything Nice? Please join us for a Baby Shower.

Here is a look at one coed baby shower that was held outside among friends and family.

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