21 Good 40th Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

For some ladies, turning 40 is dreaded time making you feel like you are hitting over the hill a little to early. Do not fret. 40 is the new 30 and just means the dawn of a new decade has come for new memories, discoveries, and adventures to begin. To celebrate this big time, here are some great 40th birthday party invitation wording ideas to share in your card.

A reason to celebrate, a reason to dine, a reason to enjoy good company and wine… come for a delightful evening among friends.

Because friendship is always in fashion We hope you will come celebrate At a birthday luncheon for [name]. It’s a surprise so don’t be late.

Bring out the wine it’s time to toast to (name) turning 40! Join us for a cocktail party in her honor.

Bring the wine. Bring the beer. We are celebrating (name) 40th birthday year.

Celebrate my 40th birthday A disco party is on the way. We’ll have some drinks and wine Get drunk til midnight, that’s just fine.

Come and toast We’ll have a cocktail party As (name) turns 40.

Fabulous 40 is finally here. let’s celebrate (name) with lots of fun and cheer.

Happy Birthday [name]! Please join us for a surprise party. As we toast to 40! years Of life and happiness.

I’ll be lighting 40 birthday candles Help me blowing them all. Come and join my party.

It has been talk of the town, You may need to wear gown, (name) is going 40! We will throw him/her a party!

Let’s celebrate my 40 years! Bring in some luck and cheers! Sharing the blessings and drinks Come and let’s party

Let’s give a birthday party, As she/he is turning 40! Let’s make it memorable, Let’s make his/her birthday enjoyable!

Let’s have some cheers! (name) will celebrate his/her 40 years! Let’s plan for his/her birthday party. Let’s make his/her big day fun and jolly!

Oh Lordy, look who’s turning 40! Come and join us for a celebration!

Raise your glass join us in honoring (name) for her big 4-0.

Say it ain’t so… (name) is gonna be the Big 4-0! She said, “a party, no way!” But we talked it over and we’re having one anyway!

Shhhh, can you keep a secret? We will soon celebrate (Celebrant)’s birthday is coming And soon we will be throwing, A birthday bash for him/her. Come and join us!

There are too many candles and not enough cake! (name’s) turning 40 it’s time to celebrate.

Turning forty isn’t easy in fact it makes some feel rather queasy. Please join us to honor (name) as she turns 40 years young and help us to carry her over the hill.

We’re planning to surprise (name) on his/her birthday. We need more accomplices to make it successful. Come and join us and make her/his day wonderful!

Wine, champagne or beer You choose, what will bring cheer. You can choose all of the above. Just come to my 40th birthday party and jive.

Here are some great perspectives on what it is like to turn 40 and how to positively cope with this new decade of life.

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