16 Great Funny Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording Ideas

A bachelorette party is a special time for any bride-to-be as she celebrates her last night of freedom before tying the knot. Here is a look at some great bachelorette party invitation wording ideas that are perfect for the occasion.

____ has found Mr. Right. So let’s celebrate with a Girls Night Out!

____ is tying the knot. Join us for one last evening of fun.

____ wedding day is almost here. Let’s help her celebrate with friends near and dear!

A final toast to the single life, before ____ becomes a wife.

Before ____ says ‘I Do’ Let’s take her out for a drink or two!

Before she is his bride, let us spend one last night by her side! Join us for ____ bachelorette party.

Come and join us for a night on the town to celebrate in style for ____ bachelorette party.

He caught her hook, link, and sinker! Help us celebrate ____ last days as a single woman at a surprise party in her honor.

It’s girl’s night own, there is no doubt! Let’s paint the town as ____ single days are winding down.

It’s time for the girls to mix and mingle, these are ____ last days of being single! Join us for ____ bachelorette.

Let the good times roll! ____ bachelorette party.

Please join us for a Fabulous Bachelorette Party for the soon to be wed ____.

Put on your dancing shoes, join is for girls night out in honor of ____.

The clock is ticking, the time is near. Soon ____ will be here. One last hoorah is all she needs, to show her a good time is our deed.

The fling before the ring! ____ bachelorette party.

While prince charming is away, we are taking her out to play. Everything will be alright for one last wild and crazy night! Join us for ____ bachelorette party.

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