13 Best First Communion Invitation Wording Ideas

Accepting the blood of Jesus Christ and making it to the First Holy Communion is a big step in any young boy/girl’s life. Many children at around the age of 7 or 8 when this time comes. To bring celebration to this event, here is a look at some incredible First Communion invitation wording ideas to bring family and friends together in this moment.

[name] & [name] invite you to attend the First Holy Communion of their son [name]

[name] and [name] have the pleasure of inviting you to the First Communion of their daughter [name]

[name] and [name] joyfully invite you to witness the First Holy Communion of their son on [date and place].

[name] joyfully invite you to be a part of the First Communion.

[name] will receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion on [date] at [location]

[name] would like you to join him and his family to celebrate his First Holy Communion on [time and place]

Join us as we dedicate our child to God at [name] First Holy Communion. Her ceremony will take place at [location] on [date and time]

Let the children come to me Matthew 19:14am

Mr. & Mrs. [name] request your presence at the First Holy Communion of their daughter [name]

Mr. and Mrs. [name] request the honor of your presence to witness before God and friends the Communion of their daughter [name]

Please join us as [name] accepts the bread and the wine of Christ at her First Holy Communion.

The bread of life… The cup of joy… This will be a blessed day

You shared my union with Christ in Holy Baptism Now celebrate with me as I receive my First Holy Communion This celebration of Christian Faith will be held at [time and place]

Here is a look at one girl’s story as she goes on to participate in her First Holy Communion.

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