12 Good Surprise Birthday Invitation Wording Examples

While most people generally know when to expect the next big event, planning a surprise party is one great away to spice things up a bit and create some fun and shock for when the event actually begins. To be successful, you need to ensure that all participants and guests are in on the big secret and understand the role they play in making your surprise party a success. The first thing you have to do in this process is invite people. Here are some great surprise birthday invitation wording examples you can use for your cards to get the ball rolling.

A birthday is near But keep it hush, hush Let’s celebrate with a party And make the birthday girl blush!

A great party is planned You’re invited, too! Just keep it a secret ‘Cause [name] doesn’t have a clue!

A terrific party is planned with birthday candles to blow, but don’t tell the birthday girl, because she doesn’t know. Join us for a surprise [age] birthday party for [name].

It’s a Surprise Birthday Party for [name] who is turning the big 3-0 on [day of week], [date] at [location and address].

It’s a surprise so please don’t blow it. We’re having a party, but [name] doesn’t know it!

Keep it under wraps! We’re going to surprise [name] on their [age] birthday with a night of dinner and dancing.

Shhh. It’s a surprise. Join us for a surprise [age] birthday celebration in honor of [name].

The streamers are hung, the lights are all low, the guests are all hidden, so let the confetti flow!

There’s a Birthday Party and you’re invited to show But don’t tell [name], because he doesn’t know So if you can make it, here’s a word to the wise Make sure to come early ’cause it’s a surprise

We have a surprise for someone you know We want you to come and be part of the show!

We’re having a surprise party, so don’t be late. Join us for cocktails to help [name] celebrate.

We’re throwing a party, so please don’t squeal We’re putting up streamers and stringing some lights Get ready because we’ll be partying all night.

Here is one look at a surprise party gone wrong. With fun and good intentions for planning a surprise party, be prepared to expect even the most unexpected.

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