12 Good RSVP Regrets Only Wording Examples

12 Good RSVP Regrets Only Wording Examples

An RSVP and regrets only cards are a great addition to any invitation. These cards offer a great way to obtain an accurate head count for your event and know how many guests to expect. Here are some good RSVP regrets only wording that are great samples to use.

__ Accepts.
__ Regrets.

__ Accepts with pleasure
__ Declines with regret.

__ Bags packed, ready to go
__ Hate to say we can’t make it.

__ Can’t wait
__ Sorry to miss it.

__ In person
__ In spirit.

__ Joyfully accept
__ Regretfully decline.

__ See you there
__ Sincerest regrets.

__ We accept with pleasure
__ We decline with regret.

__ Will attend
__ Will not attend.

__ Will come for sure
__ Sorry, can’t make it.

__ Yay
__ Nay.

__ Yay! can’t wait
__ Sad to miss it.

Here is a look at how to make RSVP cards or reply cards that are perfect to enclose in your invitation.

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