11 Advantages and Disadvantages of Birth Control Pills

Birth control comes in many different forms. There are pills, patches, and even insertions that are commonly used in order to prevent pregnancy in women. They all work in relatively the same way, however, by using hormones to block the pathway to your eggs. Birth control pills are by far the most common and well known form of birth control on the market today. These can be either a combination of both estrogen and progestin, or simply just progestin. Both of these types of birth control pills have the same function, to prevent pregnancy. Because birth control involves a manipulation of the body’s natural hormones and functions, there are certainly some noticeable effects of taking them every day. Some may be a benefit, while others are certainly a consequence.

The Advantages of the Birth Control Pill

1. Reduced Risk of Pregnancy
The main purpose, and biggest benefit, of the birth control pill is the simply fact that they prevent you from getting pregnant. They are quite effective, with about a 99 percent success rate, and allow you to freely have intercourse with your partner without the use of a condom or other form of contraceptive. However, these should always be used to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses or diseases.

2. A Lower Chance of Developing Certain Cancers
Studies have shown that women who take a birth control pill everyday for five years or more are much less likely to develop ovarian or uterine cancer in their life. This is a major plus because these cancers can be deadly.

3. A Generally Free Option
Condoms are costly, especially if you and your partner are having intercourse on a regular basis. Birth control pills are offered free through the majority of health insurances, and even if they are not free, they are normally extremely cheap.

4. Easier Time of the Month
Many women suffer from very severe cramps and bleeding during their menstrual cycle each month. The birth control pill helps to lighten this burden. It eases the pain of cramping during the menstrual cycle, and even during ovulation. Along with helping with cramps, the birth control pill also lightens the amount of blood that is bled each month.

5. No Mood Ruining Interruptions
Foreplay is an important part of intercourse, and nothing can kill the mood faster than having to stop and fumble around to find and put on a condom. Birth control pills can be taken at any time during the day, so there doesn’t have to be any interruptions during intimate time with your partner.

6. Clearer Skin
Another marked benefit of birth control pills is their effect on acne prone skin. People that suffer with acne reported a great improvement in their skin complexion after implementing birth control pills into their everyday routine.

The Disadvantages of Birth Control Pills

1. It’s An Everyday Thing
The biggest problem that many women have when it comes to their birth control is the simple fact of remembering to take it. You are required to take your birth control pill each and every day, and many require that you take them at the same time. If you forget, you run the risk of conceiving.

2. Fertility May Suffer
Taking birth control can mask many problems that a women may have with her fertility. Because of this, treatment for these problems may not happen in time, and conceiving a child could be out of the cards entirely. Another issue with the pill is the fact that it takes a pretty large amount of time for your body to adjust back to normal, up to a year in fact.

3. Interference
Many different medicines can interfere with the functions of birth control. Most people don’t even realize this, which is a big cause of birth control pregnancies. Even simple medicines like antibiotics can deem your birth control useless.

4. Body Changes
Another marked characteristic of birth control pills is the body changes that they ignite. Since you are taking in extra hormones, you body is greatly effected. The most common thing that women experience is weight gain, around 40 pounds, and this weight is increasingly harder to get off. Breast growth is also common when on the birth control pill.

5. Doesn’t Fully Protect
While birth control pills may protect against an unwanted pregnancy, this is all that they protect against. Sexually transmitted illnesses and diseases can still be contracted even if you are on the pill. The only way to reduce your risk of these problems is by the use of condoms and being regularly tested.

Important Facts About Birth Control

  • 96 percent of all birth control pregnancies came from inconsistent use.
  • Birth control pills are the most popular birth control method in the United States, but IUD’s are more popular worldwide.
  • The birth control pill cannot stop a pregnancy that has already been conceived.
  • Gregory Goodwin Pincus was the inventor of the oral contraceptive (birth control) pill.
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