How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy

One of the greatest inventions that many people love to use is mobile phones. Mobile phones are relatively a very useful and effective invention that many people use for communication purposes Mobile phones play a vital role in the lives of all people. A mobile phone can relatively help them perform many tasks that they can accomplish through the use of a phone. Samsung is one of the most popular brands of phone that many people love to have. Many people love to buy a Samsung phone because it is a well known phone brand.

Different models of Samsung are very popular for their excellent performance and sleek appearance. Aesthetics features of the Samsung phones can relatively keep you from pressing the wrong buttons that may lead you to delete some important messages. Lose of some important text messages is one of the common problems faced by many Samsung users. Lose of some important text messages may definitely cause stress and hassle to you.

Luckily, you can now retrieve some deleted important messages through some methods and ways designed for retrieving some lose important data from a Samsung phone. Retrieval of deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy is very easy if you know how to properly retrieve lost data on Samsung Galaxy. Instructions to retrieve deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy are listed below:

Step 1: Installing the Wondershare Dr. Fone

Wondershare Dr. Fone can relatively help you retrieve some deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy. Downloading and installing Wondershare Dr. Fone on your personal computer is an important step that you can have so that you can retrieve some deleted massages on your Samsung phone. Wondershare Dr. Fone is totally compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 8.

Step 2: Connecting your Samsung Galaxy with your Personal Computer

After the installation of the Wondershare Dr Fone to the computer you can now connect it with Samsung Galaxy. You can use USB cable to connect. To connect your phone with computer you musty enable debugging USB on your Samsung first. Instructions to connect Samsung Galaxy with your phone are listed below:

1. For Samsung Galaxy with Android 2.3, you need to tap the following buttons ‘’ Settings’’, click the ‘’ Applications’’ button, ‘’Development’’ then check USB debugging.

2. For Samsung with Android 3.0 TO 4.1, you need to tap the following buttons ‘’Settings’’, ‘’Developer options then check the USB debugging.

3. For Samsung with Android 4.2, you need to tap the following buttons ‘’ Settings’’, ‘’ About Phone’’ then tap the ‘’Build Number’’ for many times until obtaining the message ‘’ You are under developer mode’’ then back to the settings, click the ‘’Developer options then check the USB debugging.

Step 3: Analyzing and Scanning the Samsung Galaxy

To make the program perform works well it needs to indentify and detect first the Samsung Galaxy and then you must scan it. You need to click the ‘’Start’’ button on the window to start the process. After the process, you need to go to the setting of your device. Choose the ‘’allow’’ button on the screen of your device and then select the ‘’start’’ on the window to start the scanning process of your Samsung Galaxy.

Step 4: Preview and the Recovering the Deleted Messages on Samsung Galaxy

Once the program finds all the important deleted messages the program will definitely remind about it. Once you reach that process, you now need to stop the scanning process to be able to time and energy of the device. You need to click the messages which are located in the left sidebar to view all the deleted messages on your Samsung. You must tick the box located in the left part of each message that you want to retrieve and then click the ‘’Recover’’ to save retrieved messages on your computer. Retrieved messages are in HTML file. Retrieved SMS are usually displayed in orange and those existing messages on your phone are displayed in black. You can separate retrieved messages from existing messages on your phone by means of enabling the button on the top part of your phone.

Important Things to remember when trying to retrieve deleted messages on Samsung

1. You need to temporary stop using your Samsung Galaxy once you accidentally delete important text messages or when you just realize that there are some text messages which are missing. Deleted text messages are not gone right away because such deleted messages are still in the waiting process for new data to replace them. It is the main reason why you need to stop using your Samsung Galaxy. If you continue using it, there is a tendency that deleted text messages will be gone forever and you cannot retrieve it.

2. You need to find effective computer than you can use to retrieve deleted important text messages. Realizing immediately that you accidentally deleted some important messages is better because there is a high chance that you can retrieve deleted text messages. Generating new data on your Samsung Galaxy can lead permanent lost of deleted important messages on your Samsung. As of now, no application for Samsung that can directly retrieve or undo deleted text messages. To ensure the success of retrieving or recovering deleted important text messages on your Samsung Galaxy, you need to use Wondershare Dr Fone. The Wondershare Dr can relatively help you retrieve some deleted information from your Samsung Galaxy.

Simple yet Useful Steps to Recover Deleted Information or Files on your Samsung Galaxy

These four steps can relatively help you retrieve or recover some accidentally deleted information on your Samsung Galaxy. These steps can help you retrieve lost data from your phone:
1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to your computer.
2. The next step is to enable the USB debugging before you scan your Samsung Galaxy phone.
3. Scanning your Samsung Galaxy.
4. The last step is recovering the information or file from your Samsung Galaxy by means of using the program.