Galaxy Note 10.1 Review Engadget

Galaxy Note 10.1 Review Engadget

The Engadget review on the Galaxy Note 10.1 is well worth reading. This is a tablet that received a strong level of media attention before it ever even came out. Perhaps the fact that it was featured at Mobile World Congress is the reason for that.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Hype

Hype is one thing, and it’s certainly a nice way to get excited about an upcoming tablet or other product, but in the end, it’s definitely not going to be enough. Any tablet you ultimately purchase is going to be a considerable investment. The last thing you want to do is put your money into something that simply doesn’t deliver on what it promised. The sheer marketing muscle alone that went into the Galaxy Note 10.1 meant it had a lot of promises to live up to.

Promises are fine, but how many of those promises did the Galaxy Note 10.1 actually deliver on? Any review you come across should be able to cut down the hype to show you exactly what’s under the hood. The Engadget review for the Galaxy Note 10.1 is no different.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Review

The Engadget review for the Galaxy Note 10.1 had some very interesting things to say about this product from Galaxy:

1. The Galaxy Note 10.1 offers a very strong, fine-tuned S-Pen experience. The pen is light, easy to use, and the tablet itself is responsive to its touch. In this regard, the Galaxy Note 10.1 had done an exceptional job.

2. The overall performance capabilities of this tablet will prove to be very smooth to virtually anyone who takes it out for a spin. Provided you don’t overwhelm the device with tons of tasks and other things, you should be able to use this specific product to handle just about anything life and work might throw at you.

3. Multitasking is absolutely crucial for a table with S-Pen technology. When it comes to the ability to handle a variety of tasks with relative ease, the Galaxy Note 10.1 scores big on this front, as well. You’ll get used to the tablet fairly quickly. You’ll find yourself juggling a number of complex tasks in hardly any time at all.

4. The camera for the Galaxy Note 10.1 isn’t bad by any means, but it’s also not going to be the camera you rely on for all tasks. If you’re the kind of person who needs a device that can let you snap that perfect picture the moment inspiration strikes you, then you’ll want to have something else on hand. The camera does indeed provide good visuals, but using it in this regard can become very frustrating very quickly. There is also a lag between hitting the button and getting the picture that at least some people consider to be absolutely unacceptable.

5. If you don’t like the way this device takes pictures, then you’re definitely not going to be impressed with the way the Galaxy Note 10.1 records video. In comparison to the camera portion of the device, you’re going to find that the results for recording video to be about the same as the results you’ll get from taking pictures.

6. Some of the individuals who have tried out the Galaxy Note 10.1 found the build quality of the device to be a little on the cheap side. To some, it feels like Samsung may have cut a few corners when putting together the exterior of this device.

7. This brings the review back to the photo and video quality mentioned earlier, but the screen resolution overall may not strike you as terribly impressive. If you compare this product to similar devices, you may decide that the resolution overall is a bit lacking.

8. While this indeed a fairly good tablet, in the end the price may prove to be the biggest disqualifier to you. For some, the price would be perhaps more reasonable if the tablet wasn’t lacking in certain regards. Given that it’s not the best tablet on the market, you may find that the price is more than you are willing to pay for something that may not give you everything you need.

In Conclusion

This is a very good tablet in some regards, but it’s something of a less-than-stellar device in other regards. The tablet delivers in some key ways, but given that it fails to deliver in other ways, you may want to continue your search for a tablet.

Keep in mind that this tablet does in fact maintain exceptional performance while handling a variety of tasks. Consider your needs carefully and match them up to the specs associated with the Galaxy Note 10.1 from Samsung. You may find that this particular device has everything you have been looking for in a quality tablet.