Galaxy Admire 4G Review

Galaxy Admire 4G Review

If you’re looking over the Engadget Samsung Galaxy S3 review, you’re going to notice something very interesting. Regardless of which provider you’re dealing with, it would seem that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is an excellent phone overall.

Exploring the Engadget Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

However, as anyone who has used this phone in the past will tell you, it’s simply not enough to call the device excellent and leave the matter at that. You’re going to want to know absolutely everything there is to know about a device that has gotten a number of strong reviews, a few middle-of-the-road reviews, and a small number of extremely negative reviews. The Engadget Samsung Galaxy S3 review can give you a pretty strong indication of what you can expect.

A Look At The Samsung Galaxy S3

Engadget gives you the ability to read up on the particulars of the Samsung Galaxy S3 for each provider offering the device. Even so, if you’re looking at an overall review of the device, here are some of the facts you’re going to come across:

1. The AMOLED display for this particular device is absolutely stunning. Whether you’re simply texting a friend, watching a video on YouTube, or getting ready to watch a movie on Netflix, you’re going to get a crisp, beautifully vivid display every single time.

2. The processor for this thing is an absolute powerhouse. Android 4 technologies ensure you’re going to be able to do just about anything you need this phone to do. Surfing the internet is going to be a joy, uploading content from your phone to the internet will be a breeze, and taking advantage of the various apps that are available for the device isn’t going to be a problem in the least. It’s true that there is a ton of competition on the Android market, but if you’re someone who is obsessed with processors, then this is still worth a serious look.

3. The MicroSD slot gives you a definitive level of flexibility with the use of this device. The odds of having to ever worry about always having the storage capabilities you need to be comfortable are extremely slim.

4. The battery is pretty darn impressive. Long battery life is generally at the top of the list (or near to the top of the list) for anyone who finds themselves in the position of having to shop around for a new smartphone. On that front, regardless of which provider you’re purchasing the phone from, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a winner. You can of course optimize your battery potential by making sure you’re not running too many apps in the background, but if you’re someone for whom that is impossible, the Galaxy S3 from Samsung seems to understand your position. Even when it’s running a few different apps at once, this device is still going to have the ability to maintain its charge for an impressively long time. Keep a wireless charger and AC charger around all the same.

It’s easy to see why the majority of the reviews for this product have been extremely encouraging. There are going to be a few more things you’ll want to keep in mind though:

1. The camera has been getting a good deal of positive attention from critics and users on Engadget and elsewhere. The reason for that is simple, and all you have to do is look through some of the sample pictures that were taken with the device. The quality of the shots is truly going to take your breath away. With considerable storage space to back you up, you’ll be able to hold on to tons and tons of photos. The videos you’re going to be able to make are going to be extremely impressive, as well.

2. Lightweight and thin, this smartphone is easy to hold, easy to carry, and quite easy to use. Even first-time smartphone users have been raving about the ease-of-use that comes with this product.

3. Is the design too safe? Engadget seems to think so. When compared with similar devices that are currently on the market right now, the consensus from this publication seems to be that Samsung made a serious mistake by sticking to something that’s been proven to work in the past. You may find as you use the phone that you disagree. However, if you’re the kind of person who craves a change of scenery, then you may want to look elsewhere.

4. Some people absolutely can’t stand the TouchWiz interface. They find that it adds a lot of unnecessary touches to something that has a lot of promising features. If you’re a newcomer to this sort of phone, then you’re going to be fine. If you’ve had mixed feelings about TouchWiz in the past, then you’ll want to move on.

In Conclusion

Is this the best device of its kind on the market? No, but it’s good.