Duracell Powermat Galaxy S3 Review

Duracell Powerman Galaxy S3

Is the Duracell Powermat for the Galaxy S3 really the answer to all your low battery woes?

Keeping Your Phone Charged

No one is going to deny that the Galaxy S3 is a powerful device, but the battery has drawn a few complaints from a few individuals. Although the problem is often that people are simply allowing too many programs to run in the background while the smartphone is on.

Regardless of how you feel about the battery, it’s nice to have the energy you need. This is particularly true if you’re the kind of person who is constantly on the go with their device (which is just about all of us these days). Carrying an actual charger around is fine, but there are going to be times when that’s just not a realistic measure.

This is where the Duracell Powermat for the Galaxy S3 smartphone can prove to be a serious blessing.

Reviewing The Duracell Powermat Galaxy S3

When it comes to battery life and battery power, few brand are more recognizable than Duracell. This is a company that has likely been meeting your needs for reliable batteries of all shapes and sizes for decades. It’s just common sense that they would want to get in on the smartphone business.

But in the field of wireless chargers for your Galaxy S3 device, is Duracell really the best way to go?

There are a number of good and bad points to consider:

  • The Duracell Powermat for this particular smartphone device comes with a number of tools and features. You’re getting a backup battery, the ability to juice up three devices simultaneously, a universal power supply, and much more. You also get the warranty that comes standard with virtually all Duracell products.
  • One of the best things about this Powermat wireless charger from Duracell is the fact that it is capable of charging just as quickly and effectively as your standard AC charger.
  • Another nice feature that goes along with this wireless charger is its weight and size. This charger is very light to hold, very easy to carry around, and has dimensions that makes it easy to set up for charging just about anywhere.
  • At seventy dollars, the price tag is definitely competitive to some of the other wireless chargers that are currently available on the market at this time.
  • One concern some people have with these types of chargers is whether or not they will be able to know they’re getting the best level of charge possible. That’s really nothing to be concerned about with this particular device. The Duracell Powermat Galaxy S3 charger utilizes a slight magnetic attraction when your device is placed on it. This very slight attraction will guide your phone into the optimal position to be charged.
  • Just to make sure you’re completely confident that the phone is in an optimal position and is charging properly, the device features gentle audio indicators for placing or removing the device.
  • Light indicators further your ability to know when your phone is charging properly.

These are just a few of the positive points. It should be clear at this point that the Duracell Powermat Galaxy S3 charger is well worth considering, but there are a few more points you’re going to want to keep in mind:

  • Those light indicators also let you know when the phone has finished charging.
  • Unfortunately, the Powermat is specific to the Galaxy S3 phones. You may or may not be able to charge other devices with this unit. If you have an iPhone 5 for example, you’re probably going to wind up having to purchase the Powermat charger that has been designed for iPhone 5 devices.

In Conclusion

The complaint that our phone is never properly charged when we really need it to be is a common one. It makes sense then that companies such as Duracell would answer the call for a charger that can give us the ability to keep our phone going no matter where we are. In terms of all the wireless chargers that are currently available on the market, this is an excellent one to consider. The power is there, and the features are such that you should be able to keep your phone properly charged at all times.

No one should have to rely on the AC charger for everything under the sun. There are going to be times when this just isn’t a realistic way to go. If you’re looking for a wireless charger that you know you’re going to be able to rely on, the Duracell Powermat Galaxy S3 charger is definitely worth your attention. The price is solid, the performance quality is there, and the name brand value may give you an additional peace of mind. With this device, you certainly won’t have to worry about keeping your phone charged as much as you used to.